Trump arrest rope-a-dope. Spring crash is more likely than the one that was planned for Fall. May is a huge inflection point. Bitcoin excitement.

  • 00:16 Car issues
  • 00:55 Necessary to arrest Trump to set precedent for arresting Hillary, Obama, etc.; Similar to tax returns strategy; Supreme Court: President is not above the law
  • 02:58 Stormy McDaniels affair setup; Big Mike
  • 06:50 Central Banks must collapse in order for humans to be free; Janet Yellen
  • 08:50 Like Mexican Peso crash of the 1990s
  • 09:40 We don’t fear politicians anymore; Gun-grabbing has failed
  • 13:15 Some are saying things won’t crumble until Fall; Important that crash happens now; Unravelling
  • 17:00 184 banks at risk; Propping up big banks a little longer; People piling into metals and cryptos; Bitcoin; Monero
  • 20:05 Stablecoins will crap out; Fast rise of Bitcoin
  • 25:18 Gold and silver breakout; Many things triggered in May; Infighting among Democrats; Many Dems will leave party
  • 28:45 FedNow will be abysmal failure
  • 30:15 More US people killed in last month by Chinese Fentanyl than in Vietnam
  • 31:25 Blackmail material on Hollywood types; Jimmy Kimmel example

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