Collapse is upon us! Banking, Dollar, bonds, and retirement are all going up in smoke. Last chance to buy silver!

  • 00:31 Trump arrest and response; May have a big wave of precious metals purchases Thu or Fri; Banking system going down; Serious problems with the dollar in the month of May; Dollar haircut by 5 = Gas will cost 5 times as much
  • 06:03 Rehypothecation; US Bonds are actual world currency; 20:1 Bonds; Derivatives
  • 12:05 Really rough, disruptive time coming up; Retirement collapse for US cities and many countries
  • 15:20 Macron in France facing riots due to retirement issues; Pensions;
  • 19:48 We’ve got tons of gold
  • 21:05 UFOs; War with WEF
  • 22:20 Collapse of FRN will cause war with Russia to go away
  • 24:15 Day 1 of the Trump Effect; May not be able to find silver in a week
  • 26:01 5:1 swap on the franc in 1960s
  • 27:10 No room in Vox Populi to describe what’s coming; May not be able to buy silver in a week

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