Musings from group of linguists about space alien influence on human history and language…and the hidden war we have been in for thousands of years.

  • 00:18 Another interview with Dr Lee Merritt; Visiting with a group of linguists
  • 00:44 Many languages have origin stories about themselves
  • 02:00 Bible is deliberately badly translated; The Naked Bible by Mauro Biglino; El/Elohim; No Jews associated with bible stories; Pharaoh = tribal leader in the Essene language
  • 06:15 Battles about giving writing to humans
  • 07:18 No origin story for language in the Torah/Bible/Talmud complex
  • 08:50 Premise: Aliens would most interested in parts of the world with largest population; Fighting among expeditionary forces causes deserts
  • 14:50 El and Khazarians
  • 20:15 Khazarian Royals believe they are genetically modified to create superior humans; Only 1.1% of those who think they are Jews have any connection to the Judeans of the bible Genomic studies; Experts of psychological warfare
  • 26:45 Khazarians feel pressured because they think the El are coming back; Second Coming Myth scheduled around 2050
  • 32:00 Essenes were speaking Hebrew before El landed; Khazarians speak Yiddish, not Hebrew; Hebraic scripts in North America; First Tongue/Proto-Hebrew

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