Mainstream physics has failed humanity because it does not account for consciousness. Shamanic/psychedelic journeys show that everything starts with consciousness.

  • 00:37 School for the Recently Deceased; Ancient shamans all over the world recorded their hyperspace journies on cave walls; Feeling of death
  • 05:33 Image of prone human figure that has been chopped up
  • 06:30 Mesoamericans had to feed adrenochrome to space aliens
  • 09:15 Most who take psychedelic drugs don’t go to hyperspace
  • 10:55 Mainstream physicists are clueless; Khazarians built up Einstein and trashed Tesla; Many of the Ashkenazi Jews are atheists and don’t account for a conscious Universe
  • 14:43 Talmud excludes knowledge outside of it
  • 19:00 Quantum Mechanics and Geometric Unity doesn’t account for the idea that we are all bits of Universal Consciousness
  • 22:40 Video of Kozyrev Time Mirror (
  • 28:44 Clif is working toward a time accumulator as an approach to free electricity
  • 31:00 LHC and CERN are bogus science and will be exposed as dollar collapses; Law and Science students won’t get jobs
  • 33:25 UFO sightings are way up
  • 35:00 School of Dead Men teaches you that there is ONLY consciousness

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