Politicians have destroyed Washington State by catering to homelessness, trans, and WEF agenda. But that will go away after dollar destruction leaves them with no power.

  • 01:00 Politicians in Washington State have been captured by Soros/WEF for over 40 years; Eroded a surplus of $12 billion; 15-minute cities
  • 04:56 Engineered homelessness; Munchausen By Proxy; Data showed sex-change doctors being shot; Trans sanctuary
  • 11:00 Chinese government dumped vast quantities of credit into the system; May be used to purchase silver
  • 14:00 MotherWEFers are going down; Germany shutting down nuke plants
  • 16:00 Death of Dollar; Repudiation Day; Junk silver in the Philippines
  • 21:15 Possible China takeover of Taiwan; Taiwan is run by Khazarians; 87% of chips come from Taiwan
  • 26:00 Election interference via money laundering and such will break down due to destruction of dollar
  • 25:10 Peak of Big Ugly should be in the beginning of June
  • 30:10 WEF being abandoned; What will homeless do without EBT cards?
  • 31:30 Temporary bubble of normality

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/political-vision

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