Simon Parks should show us the NDA he signed with the White Hats. Personal experiments with EMF meters prove that shungite is indeed a sponge for EMF radiation…as explained by Kozyrev.

  • 01:06 Simon Parks NDA with White Hats? Produce it.
  • 03:28 Clif didn’t need NDAs with telephony industry
  • 08:00 NDA with proxy
  • 09:45 EMF meters; Checking for bugs
  • 13:00 Shungite; C60; Kozyrev
  • 21:55 Peak Electric Vehicles

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One thought on “20230507 – Don’t say that about Charlie’s clone!”
  1. Did a search on shungite and your Charlie’s Clone video on Kozyrev and your shungite analysis was first on the list!

    Thank you for verifying shungite works! We’ve been drinking shungite water too. Hope that passes your analysis.

    Will get some more Pure Sleep as soon as budget allows! Love this strawberry stevia treat at night and need the sleep support in this battle of healing from all manner of offenses to the body/mind.

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