Welcome to the Age of Aquarius! How does it feel to be a warlord?

  • 00:26 Death of the American Empire; End of Bretton Woods System and Federal Reserve
  • 02:46 5000-year change; Age of Tauris; Age of Pisces; Age of Aquarius; Bust-up of Soviet Union
  • 07:35 Post Empire period in the data sets
  • 11:00 New power structure as UFO info comes out
  • 12:00 Washington State Assembly movement; Mean of 111 weapons
  • 17:25 Ukraine was to become Greater Israel
  • 20:17 Riots to liberate UFO information before Fall
  • 24:00 Chainlink fence analogy
  • 25:55 What do we want to build afterward?; Massive firing if Trump is re-elected

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/after-empire-what

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