As we move away from the age of Kali Yuga, we will leave behind Einstein nonsense and tap into the qualities of time.

  • 00:31 Time is not a dimension; Kozyrev
  • 03:30 Earth has a 26,000-year elliptical revolution around the galaxy; 4 yugas – iron, bronze, silver, gold; 325 years out of the iron ago and into the bronze age; Explosion of new ideas
  • 10:00 Schools are NOT for teaching stuff; Should teach how to find how you learn
  • 13:00 Lots of information has been lost; Jain Religion
  • 22:00 Personal sacrifice; Human sacrifice
  • 26:00 Justinian’s Khazarian princess; Plant used as hypnotic
  • 28:30 Cathars Forced from India to Europe; Samkhya
  • 34:28 Zionism is doomed
  • 36:20 Teach kids how they to learn: Loom of Language; Mathematics for the Million; Biosphere
  • 36:51 Losing electricity as a primary energy source
  • 26:15 Creating a chip that harmonizes with the pulse of time
  • 40:00 Einstein was a remnant of Kali Yuga

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