Laws of dynamic time necessitate that we get smarter in harnessing electricity and magnetism as we proceed further into the Dwapara Yuga.

  • 00:45 Time experiments; Time may not be linear; The Kali Yuga perspective may explain its cyclical nature
  • 06:00 Irreversibility of time due to galactic expansion
  • 09:10 If time is dynamic, Einsteinian physics is negated
  • 11:30 Time compelled people to harness electricity
  • 14:55 Astrology will change as we go forward; Ex: We will be less war-like, so the interpretation of Mars’ influence will adjust accordingly
  • 20:00 Strange energies from space; Rivers in the Sky
  • 30:50 Divine magnetism; UFOs will probably be coming from closer to the galactic center

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