The current phenomenon of men thinking about the Roman Empire is an early example of how humanity will begin to psychically sync up as we are expose of more emanations from the galactic center.

  • 00:44 Major atmospheric river
  • 01:30 Receiving more emanations from galactic center because we are rising above the galactic plain; Mean level of intelligence will go up; Existent life is being effected; Not necessarily intellectual or academic smarts; More psychic understanding; Intellectualism vs Intuitive understanding
  • 06:30 20% won’t be aware; 20% will cogitate on it; 20% will be aware and try to harmonize; 20% will explore (psychic superstars)
  • 13:30 Cresting waves of energy
  • 15:45 Have you thought of the Roman Empire today?; Possibility of humans operating as “one mind” in thousands of years
  • 17:00 Roman Empire wave will widen out into general history
  • 21:00 Misapplication of cause of new psychic insight
  • 22:40 WEF types will try to explain away expanding synchronizations as disease states
  • 25:25 Big split between aware and normies – December 15
  • 26:30 Jean Claude may get a million views as people abandon mainstream media

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