Climate change, pole shifts, and other such catastrophes may have been WEF programming. More emanations from the center of the galaxy mean we are headed for great things!

  • 00:44 Data runs in 1999 started showing two new kinds of energy would hit earth; Movies in 80s started inserting climate change agenda; “Arrival”;
  • 05:00 2 types of energy; DEW attacks; No catastrophic cycle
  • 08:15 Waves of energy have settled in on us; More emanations from the galactic core as we leave the Kali Yuga
  • 13:00 We are 325 years into the Dvapara Yuga; Not anticipating giant earth catastrophes
  • 15:30 Lots of pole shift studies were funded by WEF
  • 18:30 General population will become more aware by December
  • 22:00 Hyperinflation after the first of the year
  • 22:45 Richard Alan Miller and Kerry Cassidy paranoia
  • 24:30 Breakdown of government
  • 25:30 Data suggests a chasm between normies and corporate news; Mainstream media won’t be able to do reports in public; Guy will smash woman reporter in the face

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