Hypernovelty and hyperinflation will bring us into the Great Global Revolution (GGR) where we will see the destruction of old authorities, including those like Einstein in the science arena.

  • 00:57 Khazarian Mafia planning stuff
  • 02:10 Mass response to Great Reset; Media humiliated by J6 tape release;
  • 05:03 Much more dynamic and solidifying phase approaching; Great Awakening; Great Global Revolution (GGR)
  • 09:15 Hypernovelty; New president of Argentina deleting governmental agencies; Government employees walking away; Hyperinflation
  • 12:40 Great Global Revolution in data since 2006; Global Grandmother’s Meeting
  • 15:30 Executions must be public
  • 17:22 Repudiation of Einstein; Nobel Prize is a joke
  • 19:00 Existence of aether has been proven; E=MC2; Feynman explained the atom bombs are really electric bombs that separate the electrical bonds between molecules
  • 22:15 Jainism; Jewish people will no longer be viewed as God’s chosen
  • 27:00 Military will start getting serious about UFOs/space alien disclosure
  • 28:00 New school structure and teaching of Yugas; Destruction of existing authorities
  • 30:00 Elohim

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/6000-years-in-the-making-ggr

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