Part 2 of 3 interview with Sarah Westall in which Clif offers detailed speculation on the structure of the inhabited moon. Near the end is a great summary of Clif’s insight into the flat earth psyop.

Continued from Part 1

  • 02:24 Interview begins; Big Events just starting; Big Events are man-made, not earth changes; We are at mid-40s release language and will get to 81
  • 04:50 Shut-off of Niagra Falls; Remote Viewers seeing major financial problems and war; Everyone will be armed
  • 10:00 Clif relationship-building with local law enforcement; Assaulted by stalkers
  • 11:00 The Great Culling; The Great Die-off; The Great Expulsion starts in Sweden and goes throughout Europe;
  • 15:10 Steven Greer; Archangels are newts- sex organs removed; 8 genders—6 genders between breeding male and bredding femaile; Satan = Lawyer; Interaction with an archangel
  • 20:02-20:17 Ad: Weiss Research Group
  • 22:20 Maskholes and other normies will either receive a massive upgrade or be removed from the population; Must learn to live without authority; Abrahamic religions will be forced to reevaluate their worldview
  • 25:30 Beings on the moon; Craters being bulldozed over; Speculation about floors on the moon;
  • 31:00 Time travel = change in location; Mind disassociation of ‘time”-traveling experiments; Mind-to-Machine interface
  • 38:15 Wetware control mechanism based on hypothalamus
  • 40:44 Reb-El; Cru-El
  • 44:00 Atlantas; Roaring 50s wind around Antarctica
  • 46:55 Flat Earth psyop started in the Pentagon in 2002; Femenco, Tartaria
  • 48:00 Ben Shapiro, Laura Loomer, and other paid agents; Flat earth promoters are also pushing medbeds, secret executions, and cloning; Why do scars exist?

Continued on Part 3

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