Clif has been aiding in the awakening of Sister Christian who started with anger and denial, but is now finding her true purpose. Jews, military, and officialdom will find the adjustment much more difficult.

  • 01:00 Rabbinical students learning about Elohim; Sister Christian strugging with the idea of Elohim not being God
  • 12:39 80% of people refuse to look because they’d have to change
  • 15:05 Universe is waking people up
  • 16:35 Shatter point for most Christians may be decades away
  • 18:18 Shatter point for those who listen to mainstream is coming soon; Mainstream media will go away rapidly without government subsidies
  • 19:45 Hypernovelty period will include Great Global Revolution (GGR)
  • 23:14 Universe wanted humans to become very good at contention
  • 27:07 Unstable minds might do unstable things; Jews, military, officialdom will have it harder than Christians; General reorganization of the entire human social order

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