Clif offers many interesting details on the Kozyrev experiments with time and speculates on how they provide insight into UFO behavior.

  • 00:25 Serializing a novella: Scenario
  • 01:45 Structure of fiat money is becoming unglued; Comparison to fall of Soviet Union; Khrushchev, Stalin, etc. were Jews and committed genocide
  • 04:25 Elohim conquered to Khazarians, then 12 tribes in Yemen who were driven north along the Red Sea
  • 09:00 Fake alien news in purposeful to distract from real alien news
  • 12:35 Serious UFO encounters next year
  • 13:25 Kozyrev time studies; No gravity; Time vs Duration; Kozyrev devices detected properties of time; Thermocouple experiment; Observable impact of star’s light on our time
  • 22:00 Volts, Amps and Watts; Volt is a measurement of time; Stars cause volt variability
  • 26:45 Rube Goldberg world; Eric Weinstein’s Geometric Unity
  • 29:15 UFOs often influence electronics

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