Despite the dream of Jsnip4, bitcoin’s future looks really strong due to coming Fed manipulation/inflation.

  • 00:40 Issue with Jsnip4 selling bitcoin based on dream; chartists & wavers thinking $87,000, then pullback to $57k, then over $100k
  • 04:00 Fed to flood system with money; Student Loan Forgiveness; Lower rates won’t be enough
  • 06:15 Raising federal minimum wage
  • 07:25 Forgiving mortgages
  • 09:38 Cryptos thru the roof
  • 11:10 Revolution; Assassination of elite
  • 15:30 We know Jsnip4’s scenario has no merit unless we have constitutional money
  • 19:00 XRP is sh!t
  • 20:25 Why dreams shouldn’t be trusted as prophecy
  • 25:18 $100,000 bitcoin parties next year; $600 silver
  • 26:35 No inflation before the Fed

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