The coming sound money economy will change the way people think about investing. There will be no more speculation on market emotions. Instead, people will invest in the actual productivity and performance of companies.

  • 01:41 Nonconsidered effects of the difference between fiat currency and hard currency; China is buying gold and silver and facilitating distribution of it in a wide portion of population with gold “beans”; ChinaPop are gold bugs and, soon, gold hoarders
  • 06:20 Boom & Busts in fiat economy; Hard money system won’t have booms & busts; Bitcoin is cool!
  • 08:30 When US went off gold standard, there was not a billion dollars in circulation; Now we are dealing with trillions in debt
  • 10:40 No investment with fiat currency, only speculation; Sound money economy will have true booms; Booms related to gold supplies
  • 14:40 Invention booms; Invention period of the 1880s; Harnessing and concentrating energy
  • 17:00 Shooting buffalo to deprive Indians of their source of energy; Native American die-off
  • 19:20 Investment is not speculation; Rehypothecation
  • 22:55 Jsnip4 dream $38,000 bitcoin vs sound money economy; Possible $100,000, $200,000 bitcoin?
  • 29:10 Investment cycle based on actual performance of company rather the emotional rises and dips; Explosion of inventions
  • 34:00 Lift cost of barrel of oil and transport infrastructure

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