Academia will be recognized as the laughingstock that it is. Abrahamic religions will be turned upside down. And normies will be zombified with no recognized authority telling them how to live.

  • 02:45 Ancient texts describe Elohim; No good versions of Annunaki; Eloha = individual elohim
  • 05:55 10-ft Elohim in various places: Miami, Brazil, Ecuador – Face Peelers, Hoverboards
  • 08:43 Bret Weinstein falsely think academia has authority
  • 10:47 Apparent battles on the Moon
  • 12:50 Normies will freak out over lack of authority; Christians will be force to deeply rethink their interpretation of the Bible; Interlinear Bibles
  • 16:00 Judaism is thousands of years of Stockholm Syndrome masquerading as a religion
  • 17:22 Elohim problem will get very dynamic over the next year or two
  • 18:34 First week of April: Lots of sh!t going down; Many will wake up to HyperNovelty; Academia will be considered a joke; Einstein was put in place to distract from Tesla tech
  • 21:49 Project Bluebeam is the psyop; Boiling Christ in his own urine and feces; Bo Polny Elohim worship
  • 24:07 Clif’s death experiences
  • 25:42 Aliens will be a big part of HyperNovelty; Alien Tech; Then religion will be turned upside down; Abrahamic Religions

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