Bret Weinstein “brilliance” brought him to the party three years late. He continues to think academia will lead us out of the current situation. But it will lose all authority/credibility this year.

  • 02:28 Woo people are recognizing HyperNovelty; Losing authority
  • 04:35 Bret Weinstein figures out depopulation agenda 3 years late; Tucker Carlson interview (Rumble/Twitter); The thought of giants breaks academia mindset
  • 11:13 Elohim Worship Cult; Colonel Yahweh; Peer Review allows the stupidest person in the collective to invalidate your science
  • 14:20 Clif’s blood work; Medical community must break with authority in order to survive the shots; Anti-spike protocol; Nattokinase, etc.
  • 20:19 35 million deaths from shots, not 17 million
  • 22:08 Parents keeping kids out of college because colleges are requiring shots; Invaders at colleges and other centralized locations; Data saw invasion of Europe; War with invaders will start in Sweden
  • 30:00 Appears to be major war on Moon
  • 31:33 Clif one episode at Sunday School
  • 33:45 Year of the Great Tax Revolt
  • 34:20 One third of populated that didn’t take the shot is already in HyperNovelty and are a Self-Organizing Collective (SOC)

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