The patriot community is sweeping its own house, exposing grifters like Charlie Ward and Phil Godlewski. The new narradigm will be built on truth and fact.

  • 01:00 Collapse of real estate in Washington State; Clif considering a second house while current house is rehabbed
  • 04:15 Rebuilding industry when Trump returns; Activity in the Caribbean
  • 06:13 Economic issues from both top and bottom; Masses won’t go along with MotherWEFer communism; Europe is a preview; Military probably won’t go along with leadership;
  • 09:30 Centuries in decades; Einstein/Quantum crap will disappear; Patriot community will be self-policing; Exposure of grifters; Charlie Ward and Phil Godlewski are grifters; Narradigm will be rebuilt of truth and fact
  • 13:00 Bo Polny and many Christians ignore the original texts on which the bible was based; Mainstream religion worse than mainstream media
  • 16:40 Infighting may be sorted out by Fall and new growth will be visible
  • 18:50 Money will dry up for ANTIFA, Jewish immigration programs. Jewish NGOs and such will have to sell stuff to stay liquid…like the Rothschilds

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