Steep increase in UFO activity and a mass UFO sighting at an event this summer will ultimately lead to the revealing to the public of zero point technologies by government contractors and such.

  • 00:31 Big uptick in UFO sightings will seem to be building to something; Event in which there is a mass UFO sighting
  • 04:25 SciFi World tech will be released; Government at all levels will fight against itself regarding release of UFO information
  • 08:25 Farmers with shotguns; Facepeelers; Rogue corporations; Vast amounts of info coming out about the Navy this year
  • 13:45 Whistleblowers from Military Industrial Complex about Zero Point Technology, etc.
  • 14:44 Jewish Space Lasers; Jewish people will be worried becasue of association with Elohim Worship Cult
  • 20:00 Hymns to resist Elohim mind control

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