Data sets indicate a Deagel-style population collapse by the end of the year and many penetrated normies will flip out when they realize what’s been done to them.

  • 00:17 Mental Illness
  • 03:00 Elohim Worship Cult purposefully keep things slightly off kilter
  • 04:00 Elohim Worship Cult use Jews as a shield
  • 06:00 Deagel population stats
  • 07:00 Pharisees hid things in the Talmud; Read on Yandex
  • 08:30 Deagel estimated 465 million would die; Major die-off end of summer; 2 shots + booster = -25 years
  • 13:30 Flip out of normies who realize what the vax has done to them
  • 15:00 No redeeming qualities to MRNA shot; MRNA must be chilled at -80 degrees
  • 20:50 Collapse of dollar
  • 22:20 Kondratiev Crack-up Boom; Von Mises
  • 24:40 Common Law courts; Arrest of pharmaceutical guys

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