The Soaring Twenties report provides a background in which Clif describes the crystallization of the Control vs Freedom divisions of society…Static vs Dynamic and Famine vs Innovation.

  • 00:50 Clif introduced; Soaring Twenties report
  • 03:35 Binary interplay of opposites; Control vs Freedom
  • 06:27 2020 = Year Zero = Zero excess calories produced; Fiat vs Crypto; Famine vs Innovation; Static vs Dynamic
  • 11:11 Civilians in Space; Periodic spikes in innovation starting 2021; New silver tech; Silver’s new role in quantum computers
  • 15:10 SciFi World thru 2038; AI; Globalists hate dynamism;
  • 19:00 Silver quote from Dec 2017 Web Bot report: Price jump in commodities; Metals moving upward at inconvenient time for market participants; Some type of crypto arbitrage in space
  • 24:30 Litecoin; Regulators watching Clif; Killer App #1: Programmable actions within transactions
  • 30:00 Advantage of life ending in hard times
  • 31:35 Last paragraph of Soaring Twenting report: These next two years leading into the Spring Soaring Twenties decade will be turbulent temporal flying on crossing currents colliding constantly. These collisions may be counted upon to induce vortex formations drawing in power, influence, and cryptocurrencies. But you’re flying appropriately. Obey the posted speed limits and always follow the minimum altitude requirements. More power to you. Happy HODLer days. Clif High

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Clif High's Pure Sleep
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Clif High's Pure Sleep
Clif High Library
Clif High Necessities
C60 Purple Power

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