This seems to be a compilation of highlights from a previous and longer recording. Clif talks about the English corruption of bible texts originally written in Aramaic/Hebrew/Sumerian and how words like Elohim were actually speaking of space aliens.

  • 00:26 US Christians are ignorant of their own religion; Aramaic/Hebrew = Sumerian transliterated into a new alphabet; Holy Spirit = Ruacḥ = Designation = Ship that could hover over land and water
  • 02:50 No “God” or “Creator” in the bible; Elohim are interlopers; Cherubim
  • 05:04 Dogon’s history is closest to reality; Salish; Tinglet; Changer
  • 08:29 Lileth
  • 08:41 Who you can’t criticize
  • 09:30 Mauro Biglino “The Unexplained Bible” (New title: “The Naked Bible”)
  • 10:05 Gobekli Tepe
  • 12:40 Nummo Myth – Griaule: author of “Conversations with Ugo Tomelli”
  • 14:20 3rd generation night vision goggles; Spaceship like drive-in theater in the sky
  • 19:30 Clip starts to repeat starting at “The Unexplained Bible”

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