Sarah Westall’s first interview with Clif High. This first half seems to provide the best-ever description of how Clif’s predictive linguistics approach works. The end of the show touches upon Antarctica and the breakaway civilization.

Part 1 of 2

  • 02:44 Clif joins show; What is predictive linguistics?
  • 08:45 Connecting linguistics to emotions; Difference between long-term, short-term, and immediacy data
  • 25:00 First run showed tons of stuff about the Sun, $600 silver, etc.
  • 30:30 Internet of money data started showing up in 2005, bitcoin in 2009
  • 33:00 Nailed 2003 East Coast power outage
  • 35:40 How Clif knew Trump would win against Hillary; Deep State;
  • 40:09 Alexander the Great
  • 41:30 Early detection of talking points against Trump
  • 44:35 Three factions fighting for control over the money system
  • 47:20 Antarctica data showed up months before it was published in WikiLeaks; Catherine Austin Fitts’ data on breakaway civilization
  • 53:00 Plutchik Wheel of Emotions
  • 56:00 Pyramids all over the world with Antarctica being the central location

Continued on Part 2 of 2

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