Mechanics of the helical solar system model and the influence of interstellar medium on the Sun as it flies though new areas of space.

YouTube Description: Alt Reality #5

Alt Reality #4 will be along sometime in the near term distant future recent history. It fell out of time. We are blaming CERN and the LHC.

Welcome to Alt Reality #5
In this episode we discuss the Sun, chemies and you!
We also piss off some people, perhaps quite a few a bit later on.

This episode is pre-graphic’d!

The discussion involves the solar helical model, much much much better displayed by DJSadhu at the link here. I can’t tell you how much better DJSadhu’s graphics are than mine! You’ll see.

The helical model – our solar system

The discussion includes some information on solar impacts on the Ice Age and why people are so batshit crazy these days.

It also briefly discusses why there are so many chemtrails these days.

Further some bitching is thrown at David Wilcock and Corey Goode for their ‘ascension rap’. Real solar issues will NOT include co-creation.

‘clif high’ channel at YouTube is the ONLY one that is legitimate. All interviews will be found in the interviews playlist.

  • 00:39 Many layers of chemtrails
  • 01:11 Visible outer planets are proof that our solar system is helical rather than heliocentric; Think of Sun as a comet dragging all the planets behind; Explanation for retrograde planets
  • 04:00 Chemtrails may be softening the intense white sun
  • 05:11 “Vacuum of space” is only behind the Sun
  • 06:30 Jupiter and Saturn are distorting Earth’s orbit into ice age
  • 08:17 Yellow Sun transitioned to white due to the area of space it is traveling though
  • 12:05 Russian report about entering a different area of interstellar space
  • 13:35 David Wilcock and Corey Goode talking about accension; Dr Steven Greer disputes Gorey Goode

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