In part three of this series, Clif describes three possible scenarios to explain Antarctica anomalies: (1) Nazi’s discovered Annunaki base; (2) Antediluvian Civilization first controlled by Nazis; (3) Hollow Earth.

  • 00:08:45 Show begins
  • 00:09:45 Clif’s original Antarctic data before it was polluted; Scientists got sick and had to be rushed out; Village uncovered from ice; Energized, conductive walls; Energetic or electric repository; Advanced civilization
  • 00:18:25 Pyramid image will be released after gentleman’s death; World biggest pyramid in Australia
  • 00:28:09 Public officials going to Antarctica; John Cary on most important day of election; First day of new president sends Newt Gingrich; Faulkland Islands may be England’s staging point; Threatened to nuke Argentina to get Exocet missile codes from French; Russian pope; Japan royalty; Prince Andrew, Obama with NASA team; Astronauts Glenn and Buzz Aldrin
  • 00:28:15 Explanations of tech: Nazis discovered Anunaki base; Warm rivers; Sharkhunter historians; 20,000 blondes, blue-eyed Ukrainian women were taken to Antarctica
  • 00:34:04 More Salish legends
  • 00:38:05 What made Admiral Byrd/American leave Antarctica; Could be an automated defense system; Rays shooting out of Antarctica;
  • 00:46:26 Clif’s military father; Night vision introduced in Vietnam; Red light night vision made soldiers self-destructive…could see into a demonic dimension
  • 00:56:00 Corey Goode & Blue Chicken Cult; Green light night vision allows one to see Secret Space Program; Harassment of McKinnon; Michael Schratt
  • 00:59:10 Scenario 2: Antidiluvion Civilization first controlled by Nazis;
  • 01:04:28 Scenario 3: Hollow Earth
  • 01:14:30 Buckminster Fuller vs Max Plank
  • 01:15:20 Nazi poem recited by U-boat commanders to guide passage into Antarctica
  • 01:17:40 Hexagonal shapes around poles of various planets
  • 01:20:37 Rh- genetics
  • 01:25:10 Process of data pollution
  • 01:27:53 Snooping around public data; SAIC changed its nature; Leidos focused on Antarctica
  • 01:32:25 Current Alta Reports are focused on cryptocurrencies

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