Civilization is on the cusp of tipping from the structured chaos offered by the Globalists to the natural chaos that happens in a real economy of individuals doing business with one another.

00:20 Deeper into OverWoo; Year Woo 0 = 2020; Communism is 200yo; Globalists are selling Order
05:35 Tippy Woo beginning; Pices > Aquarius; Petrodollar
11:08 Chaos is the nature of the materium; No multiverse;
16:25 Order from chaos; The Big Question
19:48 Belgium vs Germany and breakup of EU; “Rivers in the Sky”
28:45 Globalist structure has become vulnerable to USAPOP; GlobalPOP watching US
30:50 Building Tension and Release Tension defined
39:04 Globalist structured economy vs natural economy; Boomers
45:50 Trans

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