The bad guys will be ratcheting up the pressure around the vaccine in an attempt to create chaos. Woo people should be aware and not participate. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Centralization giving way to decentralization in Age of Aquarius.

  • 00:15 The Powers That Be lie about everything!; Update on OverWoo; Vaccine numbers are inaccurate
  • 04:50 Dynamic; scary, enticing, repulsive; MSM will struggle to control the paradigm; D-Day comparison to Deep State’s infowar
  • 11:25 New levels of incentives to take the vax
  • 12:15 Original plan: 2020-2025 Emergency lockdown before introducing vax; (1) Demonize the unvaxxed; (2) Import criminal gangs; (3) Import 5th columnists (saboteurs)
  • 15:15 Control of the corridors (highways) – homeless
  • 17:15 Homeless aren’t dying; Vaxxed are dying
  • 18:45 Soldiers to force vax?
  • 21:39 Vax propaganda to appear strong when they are actually very weak
  • 22:55 Bad guys want to create a confrontation, civil unrest
  • 24:30 Dying on this vax hill
  • 28:00 Don’t participate in riots; Do stupid things, win stupid prizes; 15 million haven’t shown up for 2nd shot
  • 31:00 How to win an infowar – masses of minds
  • 35:15 If US election was bad, what about elections around the world?; Savvy the woo and don’t participate
  • 38:20 Trump saved millions of people by doing Warp Speed
  • 41:15 Racist Tavistock roots of the vaccine
  • 45:10 Don’t take their vax…choose the manner of your death
  • 47:50 Age of centralization giving way to Age of Aquarius; Era of decentralization

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