• [00:01:02] First of the serious initiation discussions; Experience with mantids in hyperspace;
  • [00:09:40] Humans are psychically leaky; Psychic pollution
  • [00:11:50] Mr Flathead
  • [00:15:18] We’re in The Apocalypse (The Revealing)
  • [00:17:03] Numerical part of the brain
  • [00:18:23] Karma vs Accidence and Consequence
  • [00:19:00] Book: Asclepius- The Perfect Discourse of Hermes Trismegistus; Perfect Conversation
  • [00:23:00] Linguists who have been in the Vatican library
  • [00:25:30] Current civilization is 4th version of humanity
  • [00:27:45] Illustration of humans talking with each other; Condensate reality; Energy bodies;
  • [00:33:00] Karma consists of many individual karman; Universe wants to know what consequences follow reactions
  • [00:39:10] Study Jain religion to learn about karma; Karma in metempsychosis; Baseline karman attract-to a great extent-the karma collected throughout life; Individual, phenotypes, mind, thought
  • [01:01:00] Vagus nervous system; Brain and head are antenna; We’re designed leaky; Bug is opposite
  • [01:03:00] Video games are circuitous…do not cause leakage because there is no interaction with other humans
  • [01:05:21] Bug becoming more exposed as people awaken
  • [01:07:23] People who claim to be students of Hermes; Constantine and Council of Nicaea
  • [01:09:30] Awake since assassination of Kennedy in 1963
  • [01:11:20] Time for the last 20% to be slapped awake by exposure to shocking info
  • [01:15:30] War against globalists will be obvious in January; Disappearance of mainstream media

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Sp5wfz7lAtcV/

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