Thoughts of the new economic system that will arise after the fall of the Rothschild central banks. No QFS, no century-long poverty. Seizure of enemy property–like Bill Gates farmland–will help with transition.

  • 00:45 Temporal markers in old reports are for now; Rothschild central banks; Biolabs and Nazis in Ukraine; Albert Pike
  • 04:15 Rothschild central banks under attack as they are failing; Infected bird releases; Bribes are more expensive due to inflation; Inflation is fee for allowing you to use $
  • 12:55 Group 1: QFS/GESARA/NESARA Charlie Ward; Group 2: New Central Bank Russell Brand; Group 3: Poverty Planet
  • 17:00 Sound money; Constitutionals
  • 21:50 Trump signed document that allows seizure of assets of US enemies; Clinton Foundation; Bill Gates farmland
  • 25:00 Rothschilds are inbreeders; Petrodollar
  • 30:15 Clif’s road permit granted; Harvesting Red Alder for furniture

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One thought on “20220318 – DOJO->[CB]”
  1. Hello Cliff! My name is Ed Briones and I’m writing to say THANK You! I’ve recently discovered you and have made it through about a third of your content here. I cannot express much you have opened my eyes to this beautiful world we are living in. As a new father of twin girls I have been struggling to make sense of my reality so I can raise amazing humans. Thank you I owe you a great debt for this education brother. Be well

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