The tanks around Chinese banks are an indication that the entire financial system is coming down soon. It is up to us to replace the central financial systems with a true, bottom-up economy.

  • 00:11 Clif High’s Pure Sleep Gen 2 commercial; No melatonin so no melatonin hangover; Young men are noticing the effects of optimizing body’s HGH
  • 01:45 Pivotal moment in death of Federal Reserve Note; Chinese surrounded banks with tanks; Yuan and Dollar intimately tied
  • 07:45 Tanks around Federal Reserve Banks maybe in October
  • 08:45 Final crescendo of long series of crashes that have happened every 20 years
  • 10:40 What could humanity have accomplished with stable monetary system; We see who is responsible
  • 13:00 ANTIFA funding has dried up
  • 14:20 FRN will soon be no more, maybe 8 months
  • 15:40 Recovery will begin when we (not Federal Reserve) issue non-interest-bearing currency. Derivative, trading of current financial system will go away; True economy will emerge; Kids harvesting timber and buying silver with their paychecks

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2 thoughts on “20220722 – FRN Death”
  1. Clif… Any signs of the geo-engineering ending? I keep thinking that TPTB/Deep State can’t keep the chemtrailing going if there $s disappear… Appreciate all you do for Humans!
    Be safe!

  2. Thank you Cliff, love your videos and your wisdom. Regarding new power sources have you looked at magnets, never wear out except the bearings. Clean and efficient. Geothermal done more efficiently like only going down 2.5 klm and not using water.
    De Salination plants using nano technology and with the salt being attracted to magnets, so plants never stop, in one end out the other. The salt left over a percentage will need to go back go the sea and ships will run on salt water. Just thoughts.
    Thanks again.

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