The mass of humanity is starting to wake up to the fact that things aren’t right and those of infowarriors have lots more influence than armies or mainstream media.

  • 00:56 Weather changes/compressions predicted since 1960s
  • 02:50 Everything in Universe is a continuum/spectrum
  • 05:20 Wu in Chinese = Observer of the materium
  • 06:50 Mass of humanity is aware the shit ain’t right, but don’t have a detailed understanding like the Woo world
  • 08:11 4th Generation Warfare = small, tight group of info warriors have more influence than entire armies; Mainstream media falling…it attracted sycophantic individuals
  • 11:25 Normies starting to realize that the paradigm needs to be rebuilt…they are doing their own research
  • 13:30 Recognizing larger design patterns
  • 17:00 4th Gen War is planetary
  • 19:00 Khazarian Mafia can’t give up because true justice grinds away
  • 20:00 Real history will be discovered
  • 22:30 Clif High’s Pure Sleep

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One thought on “20220726 – 4th Gen Warfare”
  1. Hi Clif! I Love listening to your podcasts and all your efforts to help humanity see thru the veils of our past, present and future. I have felt quite alone for years, unable to really connect with others because they have been so heavily programmed and are unable to think for themselves. You are like a beacon of light providing insight and provocative thought! I am very thankful for your podcasts! Sincerely, Linda

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