Tulsi Gabbard leaving the Democrat Party and disconnecting from her karma with the Deep State serves as a great example of how we all will be grappling with aspects of our karma.

  • 01:00 Durham/Danchenko trial; Grappling in martial arts
  • 02:50 Grappling with karma; Age of Pisces vs Age of Aquarius; Gender queering and more; Collectivism in the Age of Pisces
  • 05:20 Breakdown of vax mandates; Pushing back on WEF agenda
  • 07:00 Evidence of grappling in the media; Tulsi Gabbard leaves Democrat Party; Irimi attack; KKK roots of Democrat Party
  • 11:40 Public karma; Jane Religion; Categories of karma; karmans
  • 23:10 Education as karma
  • 33:00 Tulsi Gabbard’s break with the Deep State
  • 35:30 Clif’s extended family lost 19 males to the Vietnam War
  • 41:28 Clif High’s Pure Sleep; Body repairs itself at night

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/YjhgEsHR4Sgc/

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