Five concrete examples over the past few days demonstrate how we must always be prepared to challenge our underlying assumptions.

  • 00:25 Steven Greer, Penny Kelly, Boston University, Corey Goode
  • 01:52 Catherine Austin Fitts indicates the Fed will defend Dollar instead of banks; Credit unions and small regional banks may survive; THE BIG CLEAN; Charlie Freeks
  • 08:54 Steven Greer on “Theories of Everything” show; Climate Change Hoax
  • 12:12 The amount of annual human energy use is less than the amount from the amount of energy from the sun that falls on earth in an hour
  • 13:38 Clif bought all available weather records and analyzed them and found global cooling
  • 17:17 Penny Kelly October 17th “Look-See” mentions banks failing; Banking solution (XRP) won’t fly;
  • 22:05 Boston University claims to have designed an 80% lethal version of COVID…in genetically-bred Vitamin D deficient mice; Spike protein first appeared in 1980s in Mad Cow Disease; Injection of spike protein gets around immune system; Fast-acting blindness
  • 27:30 Columbia University Virology course; Molecular Biology course; DoD expected ascendency of biological warfare; We don’t understand DNA
  • 31:40 Companies haven’t decided what a gene is; COVID death projections did not happen because assumptions are wrong; Chinese people are Vitamin D deficient
  • 36:24 Evil plans of WEFers; Henry Kissinger plans
  • 37:33 Corey Goode’s experiences were all “channeled”; Clif’s legal win against Corey
  • 42:00 Court procedures; Rule 11: Don’t bring forth bullshit cases
  • 45:43 Kerry Cassity interview with Charlie Freak; 5G towers -> 432 Hz broadcast towers is bogus; Flat Earth meme came out of the E-ring of the Pentagon

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