The WEFers are beginning to experience dread as a number of their schemes are falling apart: academia and the peer review process, die-off and deflation, Russia’s pegging of gold to energy, and more.

  • 00:40 Decent temporal markers; No appearance of space aliens/disclosure; WEF in dread mode
  • 02:27 Academia breaking down; Population drop in colleges; Peer review process breakdown; Major journal pulling 500 articles due to corruption
  • 06:00 Early days of Microsoft; Peer Review = Cult of the Stupid
  • 14:22 Bret Weinstein & Heather Hain podcast about how peer review publications can’t be trusted
  • 15:37 Deflation in 2023-2024
  • 17:30 UFO disclosure August 2024
  • 19:13 Clif High’s Pure Sleep
  • 20:12 Massive hyperinflation through first half of 2023
  • 21:03 Great die-off is impacting real estate demand
  • 26:14 Russia announced acceptance of cryptos
  • 27:05 1932-1933 Bond crash
  • 29:20 Russia’s energy to gold peg; Climate change hoax
  • 31:00 Silver activity in 2023
  • 32:20 Fall of university system means failure of WEF conditioning

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2 thoughts on “20221004 – DREAD”
  1. Great video. I wanted to point out that as dollars are super printed they (Blackrock etc.) are using the abundance of those deflating dollars to buy real estate and physical goods before the dollar fails. I don’t see them “at the mercy of the current”. I suspect they are buying into some real estate markets now but also waiting for home prices to start really dropping due to die-offs. Also widespread fears about energy, food, and war affect home purchasing and selling. Interest rates rising gives bankers a further advantage over average buyers who tend to borrow money while bankers can just “print it” (not physical printing). They’re turning their fake money into real assets which can be rented, sold for a new CBDC or crypto etc. I don’t think the globalists/bankers are stupid, I suspect we’re moving into the next phase of their plan.

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