Following the short, chaotic period of the “Big Ugly” emotional spike, we will be in a long period of “Shadowland.”

  • 00:32 Pure Sleep; C60 Purple Power Gummies
  • 01:31 Big Ugly; Supply Chain problems for years; Solar Minimum
  • 03:38 Crime aspect of COVID Hoax
  • 05:17 Big Ugly distribution spike that will disturb order itself
  • 06:48 System centered around central banks (Khazarian Mafia) that still 20%-40% of wealth
  • 09:45 Orphan Trains of late 1800s/early 1900s
  • 11:50 Sales of government secrets on Dark Web; Parallels to the fall of Soviet Union
  • 18:17 Potential Scenario: When derivatives collapse, physical FRNs may actually gain in value for a short time; Bentley purchase; Hotel for $50 gold piece; Bar for $100 silver; Children of the Depression
  • 25:50 Bolsonaro in Brazil
  • 27:00 COVID Amnesty
  • 28:53 Shadowland

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