We have entered into the banking portion of the Big Ugly and the FED Ponzi is collapsing. WEF psyops are falling apart and secrets can no longer be financed with worthless dollars.

  • 00:50 Finances and banking portion of the Big Ugly; In May, normies will realize all the COVID stuff was deliberate psyop
  • 02:10 Rolling bank issues start in April; Hidden battle between banks in US and Europe
  • 04:38 WA state example: Democrats infiltrate everything; Many think they won legitimately
  • 07:58 Pushback on Trans, Climate…every motherWEFer agenda
  • 10:00 WEF Day of Rage will fizzle
  • 11:45 Turning in June; Backlash from normies to WEF agenda; Assassinations
  • 14:05 Any plans by officialdom beyond June might as well be canceled; Ferguson’s Star Chamber; Jan 6 no longer works as a cudgel against conservatives
  • 17:30 EBT cards will be useless; FED Ponzi scheme collapsing; Crackup Boom; Floating interest rates; Real estate market collapse
  • 22:50 “How Dare You” steal my retirement

Direct video link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/banking-ugly

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