In Sarah Westall’s second interview with Clif High, the major focus is to define the Deep State and how humanity may be released from its stranglehold.

Part 1 of 2

  • 00:32 What is the Deep State?; 3rd Generation Nightvision goggles; Secrecy state has existed for at least 70 years
  • 05:25 Will secrecy start to go away?; Estimated half of all documents are classified; Vault 7 release;
  • 07:05 Pedophiles and Deep State; 55,000 Masonic Lodges throughout early US; Faction B
  • 13:45 Mass media’s influence is being overwhelmed by direct connections over the Internet; Network Effect and bitcoin
  • 16:50 Prediction of NFPs for concerts and collectors?
  • 18:45 City of London; Vault 7; How CIA uses malware, spyware, etc.?
  • 27:00 Spirt of evolutionary growth in human brain/mind
  • 28:09 Planetary gold rush?
  • 35:30 Gold and silver may be seized through ETFs; Silver to become more valuable than gold; Hyperinflation
  • 46:00 Deflationary money is a way to grow out of current debt-based system
  • 49:20 New tech around health

Continued in Part 2 of 2

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