Clif High on the Sarah Westall show, when YouTube censorship first began, talk about ramifications and long-term consequences. YouTube is catering to old-guard ad agencies who don’t understand target marketing and influencers.

Part 1 of 2

  • 00:57 Professor at Harvard analysis on 3000 abductees with PTSD
  • 03:59 Clif interview begins; Google/YouTube censorship – Project Owl; Twitter shadowbanning
  • 15:00 YouTube was making money on Alt-Right…took a big hit with the censorship; No more “Suggested Videos”; Both Alt-Left and Alt-Right being crushed because they are competition with CNN and other “official” sites
  • 17:25 PewDiePie
  • 19:00 Bush Cabal; 700 factories in China
  • 19:50 Not a conspiracy theorist. You’re just remarkably uninformed
  • 21:50 Ethical to pull ads for Alex Jones?
  • 25:25 Humans will game these systems; Major advertisers don’t understand new media; Procter & Gamble Facebook example; Ad agencies are leftists
  • 30:45 Clif worked with Ogilvy & Mather; Old marketing all came up through the broadcast paradigm…can’t grasp target marketing or influencers
  • 35:53 Philip Defranco; Structured water
  • 40:50 45,000 youtube marketers lost their incomes
  • 43:30 Effects of unsound money; Mirroring 1930s; “Greater Depression” or “Greatest Depression”; 1988 Economist magazine cover;
  • 48:18 Cryptocurrencies as alternative to inflating currencies; Debt-based system; US debt backed by student loan program
  • 54:04 College is a waste; Millennials without college are entrepreneurial

Continued on Part 2

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