Clif High joins Sarah Westall in a wide ranging discussion including an explanation of how creativity and cryptocurrencies are helping humanity break free of the central bank system.

  • 01:22 Clif joins show; Trapped by the 40-year bond cycle until the cryptocurrency system allowed creativity to break out
  • 06:00 Analogy to 3D printers; Efficiency of software; Banks raking off 65% of profits from entrepreneurs
  • 11:00 Decentralization bleeding out the old central bank system
  • 12:00 Secrets Revealed; 88 deep state scientists to 1 USSR scientists
  • 21:00 Decaying Infrastructure
  • 24:00 Sabotage
  • 26:10 Digital tech derived from downed alien spacecraft
  • 29:00 Inherent limitations of nanotechnology; Use the energy under the atom
  • 31:30 Sun is calming; Energy from cosmic rays
  • 35:45 EMFs; Grounding; Earthing
  • 37:10 Bitcoin fork; Clif got bitcoin in 2012; Bitcoin vs Silver
  • 42:00 Security of blockchain
  • 45:00 Consciousness and solidity; Quantum Computers; Mandela Effect
  • 53:50 Google indexes less than 3% of internet; Only 60% search accuracy

Continued on Part 2

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