Clif High with Sarah Westall speaks about explosion of activity around blockchains, new developments in Antarctica, hunting giants, and Dogon legends of the Nummo.

Continued from Part 1

  • 00:22 Is China trying to crack Shaw 256 encryption?; Cryptocurrencies are a wild strain…governments don’t like them
  • 02:54 Explosion of exciting things happening with blockchains; Ethereum; Populous; Veritaseum; Sand Coin
  • 07:00 Advantage of sand-backed coin over gold-backed coin = sand gets used up; Silver projects; Silver suppression
  • 13:57 Missing Rothschild – suppression of details
  • 16:42 Antarctica; Giant broadband being laid; Permanent population; Climate of area is changing
  • 20:35 Undersea connection between oceans on either side of Antarctica; Disappearance of water from Brazilian and Uruguay beaches; Equalization of ocean levels on each side of Antarctica
  • 24:25 Antarctica technology; Satellite feeds from Dabu077 on YouTube; Ray gun cannon being shot out of Antarctica
  • 30:52 Advanced human race in ancient history; Alien construction;
  • 33:21 Giant humanoids existed as late as 1912; Zar paid for Cossacks to go on giant hunts; 30-foot hominid bones weighing 4000 pounds; Smithsonian Institution is largest false flag ever; Masons disposed of giant bones for Smithsonian; Secrets Revealed
  • 39:53 Dogon legends; Dogon knew Sirius was a cluster, not a star; Nummo legends

Continued in Part 3

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