Clif High and Sarah Westall discuss the impact of living longer than previous generations and the importance of the “long view”.

  • 03:24 Interview begins
  • 04:30 Long-term life-space thinking; Preparing to live 150 or more with C60 and other health products; Dying young and healthy at a very advanced age
  • 07:50 Gluten and lectins since 1968; Gluten Intolerance
  • 10:45 98% of Americans deficient in iodine
  • 11:30-12:28 Commercial break
  • 12:57 Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • 13:24 Computers are not able to represent all numbers in a digital format
  • 14:40 The Far Look; The Long View
  • 17:30 Contributing to a positive, harmonious world
  • 20:10 Catholic Church killed one-third of all women in southern Germany; Moral perspective; Kozyrev
  • 23:20 Ethics vs Religion; Stoicism, Daoism; Yoga
  • 26:40 Henry Ford rubber tree plantation
  • 29:50 Overpopulation; Jain religion claimed 600 billion people; Zanzibar; Factory farming cattle
  • 36:00 Lectin intolerance; Lactose intolerance

Continued on Part 2

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