Continued from Part 1

Clif High, in this Sarah Westall interview, provides a practical analysis of the QAnon movement and offers great insight on the phenomenon. He also explains how the US government is funded primarily by inflation, not taxes.

  • 00:30 So-called “preannouncement by the Powers That Be is actually preconditioning propaganda
  • 04:33 Screaming Scandals that will take away from larger reality; Oprah and Weinstein
  • 06:47 Analyzing QAnon; Revolutionary Poet; David Wilcock and Corey Goode as disinformation agents
  • 21:00 Washington crossing the Delaware; No need to trust QAnon…Do your own research
  • 23:45 Antiaging; Hydrogen Therapy; C60; Mental illness and gut biome
  • 35:50 Space secrecy will fall apart as more civilians start going
  • 41:50 IRS and cryptos; Government is funded by inflation, not taxes
  • 45:45 Silver and electronics
  • 51:00 US Prison camps
  • 52:23 Human origins; Wild strain that doesn’t need the gods anymore
  • 58:37 Bitcoin: Leave the $13,880 area by Feb 2018 on the way to $100,000

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