In their continued discussion on longevity, Clif High and Sarah Westall address the critical importance of gut and liver health, the influence of glutens, and the like.

Continued from Part 1

  • 00:46 Interview continues; Clif’s diet before the cancer operation; Most things in the grocery store are inedible; Lectins and gluten in oats; Candida and Leaky Gut Syndrome; Fatty Liver Disease
  • 06:45 At best, a doctor is a professional consultant; Symptoms from being vaxxed at age 8; Autism, ADD, schizophrenia related to gut biome
  • 09:40 Yogic rejuvenation techniques; Life extension; Babaji
  • 16:25 New food system being developed
  • 17:35 Overpopulation agenda;
  • 18:10 Book: Antarctic Marine Geology full of global warming agenda; Academia is totally corrupt
  • 21:00 Social media and such are exposing government corruption
  • 24:05 C60 to be generally accepted as a vitamin in the future; Vitamin D
  • 25:45 Long-lived people have no grain crops
  • 27:00 Far View; Feed your head as well as your body; Three 40-year careers
  • 33:44 People can be diagnosed by the language they use in a habitual fashion; Depression = thinking about past; Anxiety = thinking about future; Anxiety directly related to liver and gallbladder; Antidepressants are very harsh on gut bacteria; Doctors bury their mistakes

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