In his last appearance on the Sarah Westall show in 2021, Clif High is beginning to get excited about the media falling apart and the apparent devolution of the US central government.

  • 07:14 Clif joins show; What is Woo?; Quantum Mechanics and Aether; Universe
  • 12:09 Body Mind, Desire Mind, Feeling Mind
  • 13:08 Clif’s enlightenment experience
  • 14:14 We’ve entered a 2780-year period of knowledge; Importance of precise wording
  • 21:10 First Principles Thinking
  • 23:00 Our framework is breaking down due to all the lies it was built upon and Overwoo is impinging; Normies will have no perceptual anchors
  • 24:15 Entered Age of Aquarius on Dec 28, 2020
  • 25:35 Media turning on Biden and becoming aware of their personal fear of the retribution that is coming to them; Durham Investigation implicates media in Russiagate
  • 28:30 Tartaria; Cossacks destroyed the last of the giants; Clif’s relative was paid to dump giant bones into the ocean; Byzantine Empire
  • 34:45 Anatoly Fomenko – Middle ages did not exist; Jesuits have altered history for the Catholic Church for generations; Chinese were on West Coast long before Columbus was in the Caribbean
  • 38:45 People in North America weren’t driven to technological invention like those in Europe
  • 41:35 Egyptian Stelae in North America
  • 43:05 Antarctica movies given to Clif’s dad
  • 47:30 Devolution
  • 53:30 Seeing biophotonics and manipulating resonance

Continued on Part 2

Direct link to video:—8-21-21:0

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