The central banks are tied inexorably to the secrecy industry. The failure of one will cause the failure of the other. So-called “green” tech like photovoltaics, windmills, and electric cars won’t survive under economic reality.

  • 00:26 Energy is at the basis of everything; Russians selling oil for gold; How the acquisition of energy becomes central to civilization; No photovoltaics; No windmills; No electric vehicles
  • 02:14 Two paradigms: 1) Aether; 2) Quantum Mechanics
  • 03:09 Could UFO power the entire US?
  • 04:28 Fusion is a dead end
  • 06:20 Collapse of central bank is connected to failure of secrecy business; Secrets Revealed
  • 08:27 Clones and time travel don’t exist
  • 09:45 String Theory; CERN is distorting aetheric fabric
  • 11:45 Dollar does not have long; CBDC won’t happen
  • 13:10 MotherWEFers will announce alien contact; Failure of security state
  • 15:10 UN hired 100,000 people for COVID propaganda
  • 16:30 How government is financed
  • 18:06 David Morgan; Arcadia Economics; Recommending things like gold, silver, bitcoin
  • 19:40 Armed citizenry will help stabilize things;
  • 20:55 UFO secrets revealed; Sound money will change the planet; $600 silver will kill photovoltaics and electric cars
  • 24:08 Pure Sleep
  • 24:12 Link for vaxxxed people with cancer:

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