Many temporal markers are popping off around the Queen’s death. GlobalPop can stand up against WEF simply by being productive and participating in the #CashEveryDay movement.

  • 00:25 Standing up for yourself; Lots of Temporal Markers: Queen Beth is dead, Royal pedophilia will be exposed’ Gold trade being moved out of City of London
  • 01:45 GlobalPop has moved into a new phase of Great Awakening: Early Adopters moving into global uprising; Simone Gold jailed for thought crime
  • 04:16 Big Ugly; Fiat money collapse
  • 05:50 Religion (Vatican) will take a hit; Politics (US Legislator) will take a hit
  • 07:08 Catherine Austin Fitts’ Global Walkout, Use #CashEveryDay; Bankers hate cash
  • 10:30 Cliff’s addition to Use Cash Daily movement; Buy a dumb phone
  • 12:00 Aspects of fiat collapse; PRODUCTIVITY is an Irimi attack on WEF
  • 17:00 CCP youth are going through the same angst as US kids in 1960s
  • 18:30 Reverse Migration and Ice Age temporal markers coming up
  • 19:26 Sue Starbucks for refusing legal tender
  • 19:50 Clif High’s Pure Sleep is even better with fats for the brain

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One thought on “20220909 – Be Uprising”
  1. Hello from Oregon. Just wanted to share how much I enjoy your videos. Over the past couple years I’ve written quite a few letters asking that our rights be respected here in OR. My family and I run a small farm, recently, Oregon has been trying to get us off our land using underhanded tactics. You and several others speaking up give me courage and remind me I’m not alone. Thank you Clif!

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