Excellent interview with Clif packed with lots of good information to help one prepare for the next few months and years.

  • 00:01:31 Preface to interview begins; Clif predicted 9/11 and banks collapsing in March 2023; Interview leaves hope
  • 00:03:41 Interview begins
  • 00:05:10 Clif provides very nice background summary; Emotions telegraphed in language; Worked in telephony, SS7; Built Large Language Model;
  • 00:11:11 Revolutionary Reset of Consciousness Peaking in May, fading out by June, return in 2024 with a vengeance and be with us for decades
  • 00:13:44 Einstein Space/Time foolishness; Maxwell’s understanding was better; Brain is antenna in emulsified gel and skull have crystaline transmitter; Fisherman hunch example
  • 00:18:40 The bigger the event, the bigger the ripples in the pond, the earlier detected; Plutchik Wheel of Emotions
  • 00:23:23 Immediacy, Mid-term, and Long-term language
  • 00:27:00 Never returning to normal; Next 2-3 years; No historical comparison to what we are about to experience: Collapse of FRN; Peak Government
  • 00:33:20 Digital dollars may disappear; Hyperinflation
  • 00:35:06 Data since 1997 showed people have been planning and preparing for period; Self-Organizing Collective (SOC); Threw monkey wrenches into evil plans; Gold Certificates after JFK Assassination
  • 00:39:27 Operation Warp Speed; Fauci Chief of Staff at WEF bragged about attaching spike protein to coronavirus shell in 2016; 1280 AD Russia attacked Khazarians
  • 00:41:15 Rough 3 years, but positive stuff coming in 2024; Weaponized Munchausen By Proxy
  • 00:42:15 Collapse of banking system; Deutsche Bank; Derivatives; Treasury Dollar; $600/oz silver Gold/Silver parity
  • 00:48:15 5th Generation Unrestricted Warfare (5GUW); Fentanyl killed more Americans in last 6 months than were killed during Vietnam
  • 00:51:30 Excited for the fight; Transformed planet when done
  • 00:52:45 Chinese Nationals crossing US border; Chinese troops training in British Columbia, Canada
  • 00:54:50 CBDC will fail; Digital currency (Bitcoin) was predicted in 2000; Clif knew about bitcoin before 1 penny; Bitcoin used for international settlements; Worth more than $1 million each
  • 01:04:10 Clif applied prediction tech to an individual once
  • 01:07:00 Reasons for optimism; Failure of government agencies
  • 01:16:00 Government scientists will start selling their knowledge; Food shortages
  • 01:20:30 Fact vs Truth
  • 01:23:00 Recommendations; Big Ugly; Disabilities off the charts; Buy all the stuff you need in the future; Buy food; Redundant power; Solid commodities; Strategic metal timing
  • 01:30:50 Example: Buying a Bentley with 23 oz of silver
  • 01:33:45 25% of humanity that didn’t take shots will be living on a very different planet; Toughest of all generations;
  • 01:37:26 Overclass vulnerable to being dispatched; Forecasted in datasets
  • 01:40:35 Exciting times; Pluto moving into Aquarius

Direct video link: https://rumble.com/v2evt76-clif-high-the-cabals-collapse-will-begin-this-summer-and-cbdc-will-fail.html

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2 thoughts on “20230324 – Man In America #1”
  1. It is true that the internet is now censored and the large language database is skewed accordingly. But, the stock market has several leading indicators that are not censored, because in the stock market people vote with their money and bullshit symantics has no place. Therefore, maybe Clif could use stock market indicators in his future predicting model as a reliable database.

  2. Humans, in particular, have an inate ability to predict the future and things they can’t possibly know logically. Consider natural selection. Early man’s survival was in part dependent on making correct decisions without the benefit of prior proof. Our brains develped over millions of years to guress right. If a band of pre humans guessed wrong about where water could be found, which berries were poisonous, where game could be found, who they might trust to lead them, or any number of critical decions they did not survive. The ability to see the future is in all of us to one degree or another.

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