• [00:00] Trench warfare
  • [00:50] Ghislaine Maxwell judge is corrupt; Prosecutor is James Comey’s daughter; Deep state tried to normalize pedophilia during delay; Setup for mistrial
  • [02:41] Info WILL come out; Jack Dorsey/Twitter, CFO Walmart, CFO CNBC, others have resigned; Suspect twitter is dirty; Twitter may be a seizable asset
  • [04:58] Rachel Maddow; Dust-up between Lynn Wood and General Flynn; Stolen election vs War with CCP; Your lack of emotional control can get people killed
  • [09:24] Continuous Disarray is OK; George Washington and Revolutionary War; Militiamen volunteered for 30 days, drifted in and out; Stolen election is tiny part of the bigger war
  • [14:00] Deep State is trapped when they talk about Lynn vs Flynn. Can’t hide connections to Q, CCP war
  • [15:12] Deep State thinks Hunter’s laptop, Obama’s email, etc. won’t be revealed because they control legal mechanisms; Trump blackmailing Deep State through silence; Info being released slowly
  • [19:25] Fauci may be next target (AIDS); Watch for resignation of Disney CEO; UFOs
  • [21:42] CCP believes we have Tic Tac UFO tech
  • [24:00] Magnets; Boscovich; Lee Ping (CCP) following Catherine Austin Fitts indicates massive spending on UFO tech
  • [27:00] Resignations everywhere
  • [29:15] Testing for Acute Coronary Syndrome; Graphine Hydoxide stuff is horseshit
  • [29:48] Feasible to generate electricity from LEDs

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Z6SbvpPyHkbd/

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